Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fun July Times 2013

4th Of July Fireworks! We did some little sparklers in our backyard. It was so fun to be just us and chill! Happy 4th!!

(Below) Jathan was trying to help Gabe fill up the bucket. I was laughing oh SO hard since Gabe was getting the bulk of the water. One of my favorite pictures.

Oh There is a Mother in Lehi (ME) who Smiles from ear to ear when these boys are having fun playing in the water. DELIGHT spread across their face as they run and giggle and laugh till it hurts.

When I saw this picture (below) on my camera, I could NOT stop laughing. Splashing himself with water having a GREAT time! If any mother in the world is lacking joy and laughter in life, go out with your kids and watch them play in the water and ENJOY the SIMPLE Pleasures in life. I have the MOST FUN when I take time to take pictures of my boys playing with each other. Outside. In the Sun. Not doing dishes or laundry. These moments don't last. They are only little once and I'm SO glad I caught these on photo. I LOVE THESE BOYS

I mean, It Just Doesn't get much CUTER.

So the story behind this picture is this: A week ago, the boys were quietly hanging out together downstairs. I was upstairs. I thought, I better check on them. I ran downstairs. Should have grabbed my camera- I caught them in the living room eating peanut butter by the handfuls. Rather than taking pictures of their joy, I hurried to clean up the mess so it wouldn't spread. Next time: take a picture then clean up. 

So! This time, I was doing something in the other room...They were, again, very quiet. Trouble? Well, I thought I would bring my camera just incase. I got to the Living Room and discovered them playing quietly, Together. Mess Free. Just having quality brother time! I was slightly shocked I didn't have a mess to clean up. But very happy they were playing oh so well! Next time, it will probably be a mess, and I will have my camera.

Jathan is cleaning up the kitchen...Super Hero Style! Funny part is that right before this moment, he had a cloth in his hand wiping off the counter. His body half on / half off the counter with his feet flying out behind him. So he really did look like a super hero. SO FUNNY. Unfortunately, it only lasted about 3 seconds. Super Cute none the less.

What a Good Helper! I love it! I really do.


Seth Redd said...

Oh so sweet! I love the pure joy on their faces. So great to remember the simple pleasures! Love you guys!

Nicki said...

Cute kiddos Ashley!